Thymosin alpha 1 98%+ Thymalfasin CAS#69440-99-9 with Peptide Sciences

Thymosin alpha 1  is a protein and peptide hormone with immune enhancement function, and a biological response modifier.


Specifications—- Thymalfasin/Thymosin Alpha 1

English Name: Thymalfasin/Thymosin Alpha 1
CAS: 69440-99-9
Molecular weight: 3108.275 g/mol Molecular formula: C129H215N33O55
Appearance: White powder Remarks: Only for research, not for human
Packing specifications (powder): 1g, 10g, 100g,1kg Storage conditions: 2℃~ 8 °C

Our Advantages—- Thymalfasin/Thymosin Alpha 1

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