Whitening peptide 98%+ Tetrapeptide-30 CAS#1036207-61-0 with Jenny Chem

Whitening peptide 98%+ Tetrapeptide-30 CAS#1036207-61-0 with Jenny Chem, Molecular formula: C22H40N6O7

Description—- Tetrapeptide-30/Tegopep

Tetrapeptide-30/skin-lightening peptide is an oligopeptide composed of four amino acids. Its mechanism of brightening skin tone is fast and effective. It can brighten the skin by reducing the amount of tyrosinase and inhibiting the activation of melanocytes. Tetrapeptide-30 is suitable for skin of various skin tones.

Specifications—- Tetrapeptide-30/Tegopep

English Name: Tetrapeptide-30/Tegopep
Sequence: H-Pro-Lys-Glu-Lys-NH2
CAS: 1036207-61-0 Assay:98%+
Molecular weight: 500.60g/mol Molecular formula: C22H40N6O7
Appearance: White powder Remarks: Only for research, not for human
Packing specifications (powder): 100mg, 1g, 10g, 100g,1kg or at customers request Storage conditions:  2~8 °C

Efficacy and application—- Tetrapeptide-30/Tegopep

Inhibit the excessive production of melanin and reduce the deposition of melanin
Can be added to beauty skincare products, such as skin lightening cream, skin lightening foundation, pressed powder, freckle cream (sunburn, freckles)

Our Advantages—- Tetrapeptide-30/Tegopep

Professional peptide supplier 

High purity custom peptide

Competitive price

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