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Nutrient 98.5%~101.5% Melatonine CAS#73-31-4 with Jenny Chem, Used in medicines and health products

Specifications—- Melatonin

English Name: Melatonin
CAS:73-31-4 Assay: 98.5%~101.5%, USP standard
Molecular weight: 232.28g/mol Molecular formula: C13H16N2O2
Appearance: Off white to white crystalline powder

Storage conditions: Store in cool, dry, clean storage areas. Away from strong direct light and heat.

Packing specifications (powder): 100g, 1kg, 25kg, or at the customers’ request Application: Used in medicines and health products, it can enhance the body’s immune function, prevent aging and restore youth, and is a natural “sleeping medicine”

Medicinal effects:

1. Improve sleep and anti-aging. It can shorten the awakening time before going to bed, improve sleep quality, significantly reduce the number of awakenings during sleep, short light sleep phase, prolong deep sleep phase, and lower the threshold in the next morning. There is a strong function of adjusting the time difference.
2. Very strong antioxidant effect.
3. Protection against DNA damage.
4. Regulate immunity
5. Protect the liver.

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