99%+ Magnesium Taurate CAS#334824-43-0 | Jennyschem

Dietary supplement ingredients 99%+ Magnesium Taurate CAS#334824-43-0 with Jenny Chem, Molecular formula: C4H12MgN2O6S2

Specifications—- Magnesium Taurate

English Name: Magnesium Taurate; 2-amino-, magnesium salt (2:1)
CAS: 334824-43-0 Assay: 99%+
Molecular weight: 272.58g/mol Molecular formula: C4H12MgN2O6S2
Appearance: White fine-grained powder Storage conditions: Storage at room temperature
Packing specifications (powder): 10g, 100g,1kg, 25kg or at the customers’ request Application: Dietary supplement ingredients

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