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Gallium (III) oxide, is the most stable. Used as an insulating layer for Ga-based semiconductor materials, UV filters, and O2 chemical detectors.

Gallium (III) oxide COA

Description—- Gallium (III) oxide

Gallium (III) oxide, namely gallium trioxide, is the most stable among gallium oxides. Heating metal gallium in the air to oxidize it or calcining gallium nitrate, gallium hydroxide and some gallium compounds at 200-250℃ can form Ga2O3. Ga2O3 has five isomers: α, β, γ, δ, ε, the most stable of which is β-isomer, when heated to above 1000 ℃ or hydrothermal conditions (ie wet method) heated above 300 ℃, all other isomers are converted into β- Construct. Various pure isomers can be prepared by different methods.

Specifications—- Gallium (III) oxide

English Name: Gallium (III) oxide  
CAS: 12024-21-4 Assay: 99.99%(4N), 99.995%(4N5), 99.999%(5N)
Molecular weight: 187.44g/mol  Molecular formula: Ga2O3
Appearance: White powder Particle size: D50: 4.5-5.5 microns (the particle size can be customized according to customer needs)
Packing specifications (powder): Placed in a sealed plastic bottle, 0.5kg, 1kg per bottle, or packaged according to user requirements Application: It has broad application prospects in optoelectronic devices, and is used as an insulating layer for Ga-based semiconductor materials and ultraviolet filters. It can also be used as an O2 chemical detector

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