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Name Exenatide Acetate
CAS: 141732-76-5
Synonym Exendin-4; Exenatide; Exenatide-d5; Exenatide

Exenatide Acetate  Chemical & Physical Properties

Product description
Exenatide is an analog of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1). It can activate GLP-1 receptors, increase insulin secretion, reduce glucagon secretion, slow down gastric emptying, thereby controlling and improving blood sugar.



Molecular Formula C186H286N50O62S
Molecular Weight 4186.66
Packaging and transportation

Low temperature, vacuum packaging, accurate to milligrams according to requirements.

Storage temperature

Freeze-dry at -20°C and store away from light


Only for research, not for human

Exenatide Acetate 2

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